Diamond Rings

Diamonds — Did You Know?:
Because of the extreme rigidity of the Diamond’s ‘lattice’ like structure at the microscopic level, they can be contaminated by only a very few types of impurities, when these impurities do affect a diamond they create characteristic colors that give the diamond a subtle hue. A minute quantity of any particular impurity (about one per million of lattice atoms) or a small defect in its structure can cause the distinctive color such as: Blue caused by boron; Yellow caused by nitrogen; Green caused by exposure to radiation. Diamonds can also have orange, pinkish, purple or red hues — making them rare and different. A brown tint to a diamond indicates minute defects in its lattice structure — naturally this may reduce the investment value of the diamond. Diamond also has what is referred to as ‘high optical dispersion’ — which means that it is able to disperse light of different colors — and this is what makes a diamond appear to sparkle as you turn it and the prismatic effect bounces lights in varying colors!